Avatarium – The Girl With The Raven Mask

Avatarium - The Girl With The Raven MaskLeif Edling has always – as long as I have had the pleasure knowing him, anyway – been a really sweet guy. Down to earth, humorous and not at all doomy and gloomy. But I have never been a Candlemass fan. I have big issues with their former singer Messiah Marcolin’s voice and the songs are just too damn doom, slow, dark and depressive. There is that one album, Chapter VI (1992), that featured ex-Talk Of The Town and today’s Therion singer Thomas Vikström, that I really dig. And there are some songs from the records that featured American singer Robert Lowe (how about that? Candlemass has had a Rob Lowe as a singer…) that I find really good. In later years, Mats Levén (Swedish Erotica, Treat, Yngwie Malmsteen, Krux) has been singing with the band on tour and with him in the band, new life has been given the songs.

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