Saxon – Battering Ram

Saxon - Battering RamSome people just don’t know when to quit. Many of those people plays in heavy metal and hard rock bands and have done so since Jesus was a schoolboy. At least sometimes it feels that way. But many of them don’t quit because play music is what they do, have always done and will probably do until they bite the famous dust – and many of them are still damn good at what they do. There are of course exceptions, but surprisingly many of the elderly gentlemen of metal feels and sound exceptional fresh and vital even though they – at least many of them – have passed their 60’s by a few years. Who said that hard rock and metal is music for the young only? The truth is that this kind of music has grown beyond being music for rebellious youngsters with a “fuck you” attitude a good decade ago or more, metal and hard rock are now music for young people to middle-aged rockers to even your granddad and grandmother, which is both good and bad. Saxon are a band that paved way for the NWOBHM and were once – we’re talking early to mid 80’s here – a very big band, back then just as big as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. I remember them coming to Sweden and selling out two venues, both holding somewhere around 9000 people. But things changed quite quickly for them.

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