Joel Hoekstra’s 13 – Dying To Live

Joel Hoekstras 13I had never even heard the name Joel Hoekstra before I picked up Night Ranger’s brilliant album Somewhere In California back in 2011. As a big Night Ranger fan I found it most worrying that a brilliant guitarist like Jeff Watson wasn’t in the band no longer so the this Joel dude had to be really damn good to fill those shoes. Well, judging by his work beside Brad Gillis on said album and the follow-up High Road (2014, reviewed here), Joel fit the Night Ranger camp like a glove. His easy-going and happy outlook approach also fit the mold like a charm. I had the pleasure to witness Night Ranger in concert at Sweden Rock 2014 and Joel impressed me lots. Earlier this year, Hoekstra got the spot as the guitar player in Whitesnake after Doug Aldrich (Dio, Hurricane, Lion, Revolution Saints) left the band. Too bad, I thought as I thought that Hoekstra was perfect for Night Ranger, but of course I get why he switched, Whitesnake is a great gig that brings in the dough on a world-wide basis, which Night Ranger do not. They should, but don’t. A quick google on Joel Hoekstra told me that as a music nerd as myself, I should have known about Hoekstra long before I saw his name on that Night Ranger CD.

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2 comments on “Joel Hoekstra’s 13 – Dying To Live

  1. I’m quite fond of Hoekstra. I like how enthused he is to be in Whitesnake and injecting life into their songs. I keep reading great things about this CD too. Add yours to the list!

    • Yeah, I dig him too. I wanna hear being part of a Whitesnake record full of originals, co-written by him and Coverdale. I have a good feeling about that.

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