Locomotive – Organic

Locomotive - OrganicRemember back in the day when missing the opening act when you went to a gig was out of the question? Or maybe that was just me? No, when I started going to gigs in the 80’s, to catch the opening act was a must. For this, I had three reasons – 1. If a small band that I really liked was opening for a big band that I liked, then how could I miss that. 2. If the opening act was unknown to me, then how could I miss the opportunity to check them out, they just might be my next favorite band? 3. If the opener sucked, well, I kinda had to check them out because they might be a great live band and then I’d change my mind and maybe they’s become another favorite. Hows that for being a nerd? Well, it wasn’t just me because back then the venues were usually way more than half-full when the opening act went on. Today is a different story. If the opener isn’t some band I really like, I usually come to the gig close to when the headliner is a bout to enter the stage.

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