Stryper – Fallen

Stryper - FallenBack in the mid / late 80’s when I was a teenager / in my early 20’s, Stryper were the most uncool band you could ever lend an ear. Why? Because they were Christians, of course. To listen to a band that could hardly play or write songs, like Venom was much cooler, they were Satanists, see, hard as Hell and no boring God-fearing wimps. Duh! Well, back in the 80’s (and still) I loved my melodic hard rock and metal and I loved great musicians who could write killer tunes and I also loved bands that looked the part – cool clothing and big hair – and Stryper were all of that – and then some. So, I was a Stryper fan since a friend threw Soldiers Under Command (1985) on me and I didn’t give rat about their religion, bible throwing on stage or any of that. I have never been – and I probably will never be – a religious man. I’m not an atheist per se, I believe there is something bigger than us out there, but I don’t believe in God or Satan, but what I do believe in is the right for everyone to do so if they choose to and I will never judge anyone because of their beliefs, no matter what they might be.

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