Hollywood Vampires – Hollywood Vampires

Hollywood Vampires coverIn later years there has been a trend for aging rock musicians to release cover albums “to show people their roots and where they come from musically”. Just like we haven’t figured that out – or read in countless of magazines – after 30 – 40 years in the business. And it seems like the older the artist, the more predictable and bland their choices of covers are. Not to mention a big lack of imagination. Ever so often the songs are performed close to the original and as dutiful as possible without any passion, fire or excitement. Countless are the covers albums that just passes us by with a big jawn, never to be played again. There are exceptions, of course, both Stryper and Tesla managed to release interesting and fun cover albums with at least some imagination and heart. That’s why I always feel very sceptic every time I hear the words “covers album” when an artist is about to release a new record. Besides, to me it always feels like the artist is suffering from writers block or something and that releasing a covers album is an easy way out when they need a new product out. The latest artist to record a covers album is Alice Cooper. It has been a long time coming as I heard the talk of such an album from The Coop a few years ago. But ole Coop has been promoting said album on his latest tours where he has been playing cover songs in his set. Now, the way I look at Alice is that he’s not the kind of artist that will make a covers album work. Even on his tours, the covers got much criticism and hardly anybody thought it was a good idea playing those over Alice own tunes. See, a Alice Cooper gig is more than just music, it’s just as much about theatrics and in Cooper’s horror show, covers do not fit the least. Same thing with his records, Cooper has a very special style when it comes to melodies and sound and for him to play a bunch of covers sounds like a very bad idea.

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