Dan Reed Network – Göta Källare, Stockholm, 2015-10-27

Back in the 90’s when grunge and then nu-metal had killed off all the great rock bands, there were always some of them that I wished could reunite more than others. One of those bands was Dan Reed Network. I had loved that band since their 1987 debut and there was a big musical hole DRN litenthat really couldn’t be filled when they split up / went on hiatus. Sure, Dan Reed himself came back in 2010 with a solo record and has been touring frequently since then, but his solo stuff is more mellow and poppier than the fierce funk rock attack that were Dan Reed Network. Up until 2012, there wasn’t much hope for a Network reunion, there were rumours that the members didn’t really get along, especially Reed and keyboard player Blake Sakamoto seemed to have a beef with each other so when the news got out that the Network were back for a few shows at the end of 2012, I was hoping that they would do a full tour and not just a few gigs back home. That would happen and almost exactly two years ago (2013-10-10) the band stood on the stage in a club, Debaser in Stockholm (reviewed here) and I was as happy as a kid on Christmas Eve. It was the first time I saw the band since they opened up for Rolling Stones back in 1990 (I had seen they as openers for Bon Jovi in 1989 as well) and they blew me – and everyone else, I guess – away. So I had some high hopes for this gig as well. The only downside this evening was the absence of Blake Sakamoto, who have to stop touring because of family issues at home (hmmm….). He is being replaced by one Rob Daiker from Reed’s solo band. Permanently, if I’m not misinformed. But first out tonight was a new band called Locomotive.

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