The Winery Dogs – Hot Streak

THEWINERYDOGS_HSSo called “Super groups” has been kind of a big deal in later years. Black Country Communion, Red Zone Rider, Flying Colors, Revolution Saints, Adrenaline Mob, Place Vendome to just name a few are bands (read: projects) that all has released albums in the last few years. Every so often, said albums have turned out really good, some of them have been damn brilliant even. That’s why I really dig it when a “super group” project turns out so well and find a big audience so that the members decide to continue the trip. Flying Colors are one of those bands that recently released their second album, but due to some of the members’ hectic schedule (that will be Steve Morse (Deep Purple) and Mike Portnoy), that band will probably never be a touring act. Too bad because both albums are magnificent.

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6 comments on “The Winery Dogs – Hot Streak

  1. Hot damn! I’m excited about this one for sure. I played the first album for the wife a couple weeks ago. I wanted to her to hear what Billy Sheehan sounded like. And of course the other two guys are awesome too, it just happened to be Billy we were talking about!

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