Martina Edoff – Unity

Martina Edoff - UnityIt was only one year since Martina Edoff released her self titled debut solo album (reviewed here). Since that album was a bit underwhelming, I can honestly say that I didn’t have the highest of hopes for this one either. The fact that miss Edoff is an amazing singer with a voice with an impressive range is pretty old news and everyone who has seen (or heard) her Heart tribute band Heart Attack knows that Edoff’s range is almost without limits. However, when she released her debut record, her Jill Johnson (that’s Swedish for Shania Twain, folks) goes AOR kind of rock turned out to be somewhat mediocre. I’m not gonna say that Martina’s album was a pile of crap, far from it, the album was good as in ok, but too forgettable. The sound was safe and the songs lacked bite and attack and the album’s only real high quality was Edoff’s voice. So what would be different this time, then? Well, quite a lot, I would be wise.

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