Casablanca – Miskatonic Graffiti

Casablanca Miskatonic Graffiti (LP) -1339702317When I first got a hold of Casablanca’s 2012 debut album, the Chris Laney produced Apocalyptic Youth (reviewed here), I was completely blown away by their power pop with both hard rock and sleaze influences. The album is a real gem and I still hold it very dearly. The fact that this supergroup – singer Anders Ljung (Space Age Baby Jane), guitarists Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper, Roxie 77, Electric Angels) and Erik Stenemo (Melody Club), bass player Mats Rubarth (formerly a football – ok, soccer if you’re American – player for the wonderful team AIK) and one of this planet’s coolest drummers, ex- Sahara Hotnights, Josephine Forsman – didn’t set the world alight and became huge with that record is a mystery. See, they should have had this world been a fair place. In 2014 they released the follow-up, the darker and not as direct, but still brilliant Riding A Black Swan (reviewed here), but they didn’t manage to take the world by storm with that one either. But again, they should have.

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