Tom Keifer – Debaser Medis, Stockholm, 2015-10-12

TomI’ve always been a band-guy more than a solo artist-guy. I think bands are way, way cooler than solo artists. But I can totally understand why a some dude in a band would want to go solo every now and then. If you want to release music that is really different to the band you’re in, then more power. But I really don’t understand why you wanna do a solo album that sounds exactly your band, unless you hate your band members’ guts or something. Especially if you’re the main song writer in said band. I think you might know where I’m going with this. See, Tom Keifer – Mr Cinderella – released four albums with his band Cinderella between 1986 – 1994 and on those records, Keifer wrote 90% av all the songs. After a long hiatus, Cinderella are now back playing together again and what all Cinderella fans want is a new album, of course. But instead we got a Tom Keifer solo album. Sure, this album had been in the works for many years and was a long time coming, so I guess it was just the timing that felt weird. Here are Cinderella back out touring and we get a Kiefer solo record…

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