Y&T – Debaser Medis, Stockholm 2015-10-09

Dave MenikettiTo be honest, I’m not that sure if another live review of this Y&T gig will warrant anything new at all, in some ways it feels like I can just do a copy – paste of an old review because Y&T are always fantastic live and the always deliver the goods and they don’t sport a huge stage show with lots pyro and such. But at the same time, I hope that somebody might read this review that haven’t read the old ones and by that get inspired to go and see them the next time they play live. Because the fact is, Y&T are one of the most brilliant live acts I have ever seen in my entire life and everybody I have talked to that has seen them play agree with me – Y&T ARE a fantastic live band with fantastic songs and fantastic musicians. Y&T were once a band that managed to keep all their original members for many, many years, in a time when everybody changed line-up more often than seldom. From 1974 – 1986, the band were Dave Meniketti on lead vocals and lead guitar, Philip Kennemore on bass, Joey Alves on rhythm guitar and Leonard Haze on the drums.

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