Keith Richards – Crosseyed Heart

KeefTo be honest, isn’t solo projects by famous musicians in big bands usually really underwhelming? Think about it, when was the last time some dude from a band you really made a killer solo record? The bigger the band, the crappier the solo record. Maybe that is unfair, because I know there are some really good ones out there, but those are in minority. Look at Kiss. It’s not like the members and ex-members of that band flood us fans with killer efforts in that department. Sure, their 1978 solo albums are all very underrated and at least Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley gave us two killers there. But not many great solo albums has come out of that group since then. And The Rolling Stones? Well, Bill Wyman did three really lousy albums – Monkey Grip (1974), Stone Alone (1976) and Bill Wyman (1981) – but luckily enough he has put that career to rest now.

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4 comments on “Keith Richards – Crosseyed Heart

  1. I liked this one more than you do (reviewed at keepsmealive). I just get carried away with that sound. I like his sappy ballads, so bad they’re good! and when he rocks out, well, hot damn!

    Keef is always the man, you’re absolutely right. At this point, he could release a whole album of himself wetly farting and it would probably have more rhythm and class than a lot of other records. But that’s probably just my bias showing. 🙂

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