Operation : Mindcrime – The Key

alb95223The whole soap-opera that singer Geoff Tate and his former band mates in Queensrÿche has been through for the last years has been written about to death, so let’s leave that crap behind now, once and for all. Let’s just state that it was a good thing that the whole band name thing was settled out of court. That the Queensrÿche guys had to pay a large sum of money for Tate to let go of the name isn’t a wild guess, but that’s in order, Tate should not leave this deal empty-handed. We can also state that it was the only correct decision. Because what Tate’s last studio effort proved – the ridiculous named Frequency Unknown (2013, reviewed here) under the Queensrÿche banner – was that Tate’s voice alone did not make a Queensrÿche sounding album.

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2 comments on “Operation : Mindcrime – The Key

  1. A songtro! I like that word. I’m going to steal it 🙂

    I don’t know what the concept is, truthfully. I know it’s about technology and the modern world and politics and all that good stuff…but I don’t know the story or characters.

    I will check out the situation on the Japanese bonus tracks. I have a hard time getting over some of the alleged things Tate did to his former band, but I believe in forgiveness as well. I think I’m obligated to give this a shot, because it does sound like the kind of thing I like. I might even like that “noise” track you mentioned, because I like that kind of thing.

    Great review!

    • Yeah, me too. In my book, your only as good as your last album. well, Tate’s last album wasn’t all that great, but this one’s really good and that is what matters.
      I’m about to sink my teeth into the new Queensrÿche album just now.

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