Nalle Påhlsson’s Royal Mess – Royal Mess

Royal MessSolo projects. How often do they live up to the expectations that are made up from the guy who’s going solo’s ordinary band? Think about it, does solo projects ever beat the artist’s day job? How often are the solo records any good at all? I really don’t wanna trash anybody, but let me just mention a few big names that has gone solo and then think about how many of those that has really hit home. Paul Stanley, Joe Perry, Vince Neil, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, Mick Jagger, Tommy Lee…. Yes, the list is endless. It’s not like all solo projects are stinkers, but too many of them are. But, it doesn’t matter because every time an artist that I look up to go solo, my curiosity takes the best of me. I need – and must – hear them. Then there are bands made up of old stars that want to be part of a band, but at the same time, they wanna be a solo artist or they have a record company that truly believe that said artist’s name will sell a few extra copies – Randy Piper’s Animal. Åge-Sten Nilsen’s Ammunition. Both are awesome, but I have issues with those “band-names”. Just Animal and Ammunition sounds way better. Hell, I didn’t even like it when Rainbow and Whitesnake records came out as Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow and David Coverdale’s Whitenake.

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