Motörhead – Bad Magic

3102259357There is one big reason for us all to worry about the future of Motörhead – Lemmy’s health. Lemmy – the man who once was the guy who, beside Keith Richards, was supposed to outlive us all, the dudes who would rule the planet with only cockroaches as pets after the final blow. Well, that man’s hard living has finally caught up with him. Lemmy turns 70 on Christmas Eve and the fact that he has lived this long is nothing but a miracle – the same can be said of Keith and also of Ozzy Osbourne, I guess. Cancelled tours and gigs have been following Motörhead in the last couple of years and at the gigs where they actually did play, Lemmy both looked and sounded old and tired. 2015 was the year when we all have to ask ourselves whether this, their new album would be their last and the same for the following tour – if they actually manage to go out on one this time.

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