The Murder Of My Sweet – Beth Out of Hell

themurderofmysweetThe reason I checked out The Murder Of My Sweet when they released their debut album Divinity in 2009 was that I friend of mine, ex-Therion and current Evergrey bass player Johan Niemann had joined the group and I was curious to hear what his new project sounded like. Despite the fact that the world has been drowning in Goth-influenced Metal bands with female vocalists after the success of Nightwish, Within Temptation and Evanescence, I really thought that it was in its place for a Swedish dito as we really never had none. Singer Angelica Rylin proved to be a real find with an amazing voice and – thank God – not as annoying as many of the Tarja Turunen – influenced operatic singers. Rylin sported more of a Pop voice in a Rock foundation, but with an incredible range. I really liked the record, but I now see it had some issues – the songs were good, but the way I find them, they weren’t lasting, there was no longevity. What I mean is that the songs are really good while I’m listening to them, but I really had no desire to go back and pick the album up again. However, I wouldn’t label the band Goth – fact is, I’m not really sure how to label them, but one moniker that has been used is Cinematic Metal, a term I think fits well.

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