Jono – Silence

CD-digipak-4p_JONO.inddSometimes I just wanna punch myself. The fact that a somewhat nerdy – when it comes to music – dude like me misses out on good music pisses me off – especially when you have said band right under your nose. But my issue is that I have a thing with names. If an artist or band have a name that I don’t find one bit interesting and sometimes plain bad, I have a tendency to not care. Only for me to, a long while after – we’re talking weeks and months, sometimes years – often by accident, stumble over said band and realise that they were actually really damn brilliant. These things have happened before and I know myself, so I know it will happen again. I’ll never learn, I guess, not even the hard way. Exactly this happened with Swedish rockers Jono. This band played Väsby Rock Festival recently, a festival I attended, but apparently I had more important things to do than to give these guys a fair chance. I have since heard only good things about this lot, but I still haven’t got around to listen to them.

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