Ghost – Meliora

Ghost - Meliora“After all these years as a struggling musician I finally catch a break. But of course it had to be with a band where I wear a mask so nobody recognizes me anyway…”. The words come from one of The Nameless Ghouls in Ghost. Oh, the irony of life, right? Because if there is one band that is – and has been since 2010 – a HUGE hype, and that is meant in a good way by the way, then it’s Ghost. This Swedish ensemble do not need a closer presentation because love them or hate them, everybody know who they are by now. The whole image trip that Ghost are on has really paid off big time. The whole mystery thing, not revealing their true identity is certainly nothing new, Kiss did that in the early seventies, but the fact that that the band has managed to keep their identities a secret for very long is quite impressive in the day and age of internet, where news spread like wildfire. Fact is, as far as I know, none of the Nameless Ghouls has been revealed yet. And even though most people know who play the part of Papa Emeritus, the lead singing evil Pope, people play along with the whole gimmick as if they don’t have a clue who he really is.

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2 comments on “Ghost – Meliora

  1. Excellent, I was hoping you’d review this one. I just ordered it yesterday and can’t wait for it’s arrival. I share your views of the first two and based on that and your enthusiasm about this one, I’m even more excited. Thanks!

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