Skintrade – Scarred for Life

skintrade_scarredforlifecoverBack in the day when we wrote 1990-something in our calendars and Grunge was the new big thing, I had a bit of a problem with Skintrade. Because this Swedish five-piece – as they were back then – were in my eyes a big sell-out, a band that jumped on the Grunge bandwagon faster than you could say Nirvana. In reality, I didn’t have a clue about the band members’ taste in music. Well, their then guitarist and founder, not in the band today, George Bravo was a guy who was seen frequently out in the Swedish rock clubs then, but I didn’t know him so his taste in music wasn’t to my knowing at all. No, my biggest issues were with lead singer Matti Alfonzetti. He used to sing with, first Swedish Pop-Metal band Bam Bam Boys (what a horrible name) and after that with British blues oriented Hard Rockers Jagged Edge, a band that would later turn into Skin but with another singer. Now, both band were very melodic, great musicians and looked the 80’s part as well.

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