Symphony X – Underworld

Symphony X - UnderworldJust before I started writing this review, I started to think, what if I’m not really suited to write a Symphony X review. Why, you might ask? Well, the thing is, I’m not really a fan of the band. That said, I’m not a no-fan by any means, quite the contrary, I really like the little I have heard from them. Within there lies the problem, see, I really don’t know much of and about this band at all. Symphony X has released nine albums since their self titled debut back in 1994 and the first record I heard by this band was the amazing Paradise Lost (2007). I haven’t heard one single note from any of the earlier records. I know I should have because I really love Paradise Lost and the same goes for the follow-up Iconoclast (2011, reviewed here). Why, when I really, really dig these two albums, haven’t I dug into their past then? I really don’t know, I just haven’t got around to do it, I guess.

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