Diamond Dogs – Quitters and Complainers

Diamond Dogs - Quitters & ComplainersDiamond Dogs are a Swedish rock band that has been playing since 1992 and the fact that their popularity is still somewhat in the shadows, is both a mystery and not. The band has its influences in the late 60’s and early 70’s and bands like The Faces, The Rolling Stones, Humble Pie and Mott The Hoople are all pivotal for the sound of Diamond Dogs. David Bowie is, of course, a big influence, especially his 70’s stuff and it was his 1974 album that gave this band their name. But if you’re looking for more “modern” bands in the same vein, then look no further than The Black Crowes and The Quireboys. Musically, their first 10 (yes, the first TEN!) albums are full of catchy, groovy and swinging rock and roll that could make a dead man rise to the dance. That’s why it’s a mystery that Diamond Dogs aren’t a huge arena act by now. Well, at least the common rocker should know who they are and at least have heard their biggest hits. If they had any hits, that is. The reason it’s not a mystery that they aren’t huge is because they have never cared to even try to make a name for themselves.

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