AC/DC, Friends Arena, Stockholm, 19th July

AngusA lot of things has happened since AC/DC’s last tour – the one that started with the release of their last album Black Ice in 2008. Back then, the line-up was intact even though there were always some legal (read: drugs) situations with problem child (pun intended) drummer Phil Rudd, who now and again had been busted with the possession of marijuana. But things change and the first thing that infected the band was that original member, rhythm guitarist, main songwriter and band leader Malcolm Young was reported ill and later it turned out that he suffered from dementia and even though his songs were used for the latest album Rock Or Bust, he didn’t play on it and, it turned out, he would never play with the band again. Next up, bad boy Rudd were busted for meth possession and attempt to murder. The latter accusation was later dropped but this was enough for his second sacking from the band, the first was back in 1983. That meant that for the tour no less than two new members were being inducted to AC/DC’s line-up. First in was Angus’ and Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young, a guy who was a stand in for Malcolm back in 1988 when Malcolm had to seek help for his drinking problems. Stevie also plays on the new record and is now a permanent band member. Rudd’s place was filled by one Chris Slade who was in the band back in 1990 for five years before Rudd returned to the band. Despite of all AC/DC’s internal problems, the new album showed a band that sounded more fresh and vital than in many, many years. To me, their new album is their best effort since the underrated Flick Of The Switch back in 1983. But still, there is no denying that after all the shit that has happened to them, their new tour feels like their farewell tour, even though none of the members have said anything about the matter. It’s just a hunch, but a hunch that I have heard lots and lots of people has had and I’m pretty sure many bought a ticket for this tour to say goodbye, like this would be the last time we would get to see this fantastic rock band live.

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