Asia – Omega

ASIA_OMEGARemember Asia? The band that started out as a supergroup containing members of Yes (Steve Howe, guitar), ELP (Carl Palmer, drums), Buggles (Geoff Downes, keyboards) and Uriah Heep and King Crimson (John Wetton, bass and lead vocals)? In 1981 they released their self titled debut album, had a huge hit with ”Heat Of The Moment” and sold millions of albums. The band’s orginial line up only remained for one more album, the underrated Alpha (1982) before member after member left the band until only keyboard player Geoff Downes remained. Howe was the first to go and was replaced by ex – Krokus guitar player Mandy Mayer, a very unexpected choice. The album, Astra (1983), was very good but failed to repeat the success of its predecessors and soon the whole band was gone, leaving only Downes as the remaining member.

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