Trixter – Human Era

TRIXTER_HEWhen melodic New Jersey rockers Trixter reunited back in 2007, their reunion wasn’t the only surprise. More so the fact that their reunion album New Audio Machine (2012) was a real killer. Trixter were never the world’s biggest band, to put it mildly, and their career didn’t really last long and when they split up I never heard anyone say they missed them. If we shall be honest here, Trixter were looked upon – and still are by some, I might add – as a bit of a joke – a band that people mention when the talk about what went wrong with the melodic pop-metal of the early 90’s (or Hair Metal as some people like to call it. How stupid!). Both Poison and Winger has been exposed to that kind of treatment before, but at least the latter never did deserve that. You don’t have to like them but if you can’t hear that Winger is a high quality rock band, you’re tone-deaf. Trixter didn’t deserve that treatment either. But I must admit, I was never a big fan even though I own their debut self titled album from 1990. And many people do, over one million Americans, to be precise.

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