House Of Lords – Indestructible

House Of Lords - IndestructableTo once again write down an introduction for House Of Lords feels like a big waste of time after having reviewed several (two) of their earlier records (you can check out old reviews here and here). But what we can state is that this version of the band is a very creative and fast working band. This is their sixth album since this version of the band first popped up in 2006 with their critically acclaimed album World Upside Down. What’s remarkable is that band leader, lead vocalist and song writer James Christian also releases solo albums and works with his missus Robin Beck on her albums as well, still keeping the quality of both music and production intact. The thing is, even though there are dips on the albums here and there and some records are better than others, all the House Of Lords albums since 2006 has been really good and I think it’s quite impressing that Christian and his band, plus their song writing helping hands such as Jeff Kent and Tommy Denander, manages to reach such high quality album after album. To me, World Upside Down wasn’t all that, it felt more like Christian starting over, going slow and figuring out where the music would land and which way they would go.

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