Ten – Isla De Muerta

Ten - Isla De MuertaI have known of Ten for many years now, but I have never found them interesting enough to bother checking them out. For some reason I really don’t know.  I know about band leader / founder and singer Gary Hughes, that he’s the one writing songs for Magnum’s Bob Catley’s solo albums and I know that when Ten started out, Hughes recruited former Dare guitarist Vinny Burns. I always thought Catley’s solo albums were good enough, but they never hit me hard in the gut, the way great music should. So I never bothered with Ten at all. Why now, then? Well, in all honesty, I got a link for a review and even though I might not have time to review every album that comes my way, I will at least give them a listen to see if there’s any chance I might find it interesting enough to write about. Back in 1994, when grunge – and then a little later nu-metal – ruled the charts, Gary Hughes took the bull by its horns and formed – an AOR band!

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