Hinder – When the Smoke Clears

hinder when the smoke clearsThe last couple of years has been turbulent for the Hinder guys – to speak mildly. First of all, back in 2012 they had the ungrateful task to follow up a killer album like All American Nightmare (2010). That album was a 10/10 without any hesitation and of course, with that album and its brilliant predecessor, Take It To The Limit (2008), the backlash had come sooner or later. The backlash in question was called Welcome To The Freakshow and that album completely bombed quality wise and even sales wise, it was a disappointment. The reason was, of course, that the album was a complete sellout. Instead of going in the heavier and more hard rock direction they had been going since 2008, they decided to try to write a modern radio rock record. The absence of a huge hit single seemed to have made the boys question the ways to go for the band. After all, the last time Hinder had a fat smash hit was back in 2005 with “Lips Of An Angel”, a grand ballad from their very successful, but oh so overrated debut long player Extreme Behaviour.

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