Sideburn – Evil Or Divine

Sideburn -Evil Or DivineTo begin with, I have a confession to make. I was never a fan of Sideburn. I have, of course, known about this band for many years now, both them and me being Swedish. Even though I never thought that they were bad, nothing in their music really stuck with me. It was very much in one ear, out the other, despite the fact that they guys are all really good musicians. This has always been a bit of a thorn in my side because – and here’s another confession – I know their guitar player Morgan Zocek. Now, who in the right mind wants to tell their friends that they don’t like their music? Well, luckily enough, that subject hasn’t come up at all when we have met so I guess I have managed to get out of that one. Until a day some three years ago when I got an e-mail from Morgan, asking if I would be interested in reviewing their then new album, IV Monument. Damn! Well, how could I say no? I accepted and got to work, keeping my fingers crossed that I would find something there that stood out, so I didn’t have to write it down. Because here’s the deal, when it comes to my reviews, I don’t play ball. Because, even if I could give away extra points to friends records without anyone knowing about it, I would know about it and when it comes to music, I can only see it one way: It’s all about integrity, no matter if you write songs, plays music or write about music, gigs and records.

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