Whitesnake – The Purple Album

Whitesnake purplealbumI was a late Whitesnake-bloomer. See, I was raised on Sweet and Kiss through out my childhood and as I didn’t have any older siblings, I had to find out about bands myself. It didn’t really work out all that great because I more or less missed out on all the other hard rock bands in the 70’s. Then I discovered Ramones and The Clash. Then came The Rolling Stones, Beatles and Jimi Hendrix before Iron Maiden and Saxon made me come full circle with hard rock. That said, I never gave up on any of those bands just because I discovered new stuff and I still listen to – and  love – all the above mentioned bands. When it came to David Coverdale and Whitesnake, I knew OF them, but I just wasn’t interested enough to bother with them. Deep Purple? Well, I knew “Smoke On The Water” and such, but it would take me up to their reunion in 1984 before I gave them a real listen and became a big fan. By then I had already discovered Whitesnake. The video for “Guilty Of Love” was shown on Sweden’s first real hard rock show and I was completely floored. Me and my friends watched that video over and over again, probably ten times a day and I wondered, was this the band I had neglected for all these years? Needless to say, the day Slide It In (1984) was released, I bought it and fell in love right away, it’s still my favourite Whitesnake album, and within a month I was the proud owner of Whitesnake’s whole back catalogue and they became my favourite band. Their concert in Stockholm in April 1984 was my first real concert. But unfortunately, the Whitesnake I loved so much wouldn’t be around for long.

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