Civil War – Gods and Generals

CivilWarDCivil War’s debut album The Killer Angels from 2013 is one of the biggest musical surprises in my entire life. See, there is a Swedish power metal band called Sabaton. Now, I’m sure the guys in Sabaton are really nice blokes and everything, but the thing is, I can’t stand their music. I mean, I really think it’s disgusting. Four guys out six jumped the Sabaton ship and joined forces with a lead singer named Nils Patrik Johansson, a guy that comes from a completely different musical background. Nils Patrik had sung with bands such as Lion’s Share and Astral Doors – more heavy metal acts – before and has a vocal style that mixes Ronnie James Dio, Eric Adams (Manowar) and Tony Martin (ex – Black Sabbath) and the whole thing looked like a match made in… well, anywhere but heaven, really. Needless to say, Civil War didn’t arouse me one bit at first, I figured, why on Earth would I give a crap about 4/6 out of Sabaton and their new band?

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