Mark Slaughter – Reflections in a Rear View Mirror

Mark Slaughter RIARVMIt has been a long wait for all people who have longed for something new from the high-pitched vocalist. But I’m a little curious of who many people have an idea of who Mark Slaughter is. I mean, if you’re a die-hard melodic rock fan or a big Kiss fan, you probably know who this guy is, but for most rockers out there, I’m not sure that too many knows this guy. The first time I heard his name was when he replaced the misplaced Robert Fleishman (ex – Journey) in Vinnie Vincent’s band Invasion. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, I loved all those big voiced singers with high-pitched falsetto and loud screams, but even then, Fleishman was too much for me. I loved the first Vinnie Vincent Invasion album, but much of it was ruined because of Fleishman’s annoying screams and Vincent’s ability to play as much as could as often as he could over everything. So when Fleishman was replaced with Slaughter, I was pleased. Even before I had heard him sing, actually because Fleishman didn’t look the part either, but Slaughter sure did. Mark’s first job was to sing on VVI’s second album, All Systems Go (1988), a great album where Vincent had calmed down a bit and Mark Slaughter’s voice made wonders for the songs.

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