Defy All Reason – The Road Ahead

Defy All Reason - The Road AheadLately, there has been pretty heavy traffic in my mailbox with links for downloads with new bands that I have never ever heard of for me to review. Add to the fact all the new records from bands I do know, many of which I am a fan of, that comes out in a never stream during spring time and being the sole revieweron this site, you don’t have to be a maths genius to figure out that many of the reviews won’t make it until after release date. But hey, this is what we call a luxury problem. Being a big music fan, I really love to get the chance to check out new bands like this, to me this is an opportunity and fortunately, I can listen while working so my days move quickly, to say the least. Sometimes the bands I get to review is really good and sometimes they’re not, but that comes with the territory and after all, a review is only one man’s opinion. Agree or not, but I like reading reviews and checking out all the different views people have on bands, especially since I started out reviewing stuff myself.

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