Blackwelder – Survival of the Fittest

Blackwelder - Survival Of The FittestPower Metal! That is one genre in the heavy metal community that I have a big problem with. There are lots of bands – mostly German – that plays that kind of music. You know the kind, galloping bass and drums, heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, double bass drums going off very fast, choruses that belongs on soccer arenas and singers with high-pitched voices. Freedom Call, Edguy, Blind Guardian and Grave Digger are but a few examples. However, there’s a big difference between American power metal and European power metal. The American version is way heavier, more aggressive and more, well, metal. But when the term power metal is brought up it is nine out of ten times the European kind that is talked about. More than often, the American kind is just labeled as metal. But there are usually exceptions to every rule and even though there might be a genre one just can’t stand, there are usually the odd band or two that you like any way. Is that the case with power metal then?

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