Bonfire – Glörious

4e0edd740203165aa697f461766509101bf9f3e7Way back in 1987 when yours truly was a huge fan of poodle haired rockers with lots of keyboards and big choruses (I still am, but back then that was more or less all I listened to), German rock bands weren’t among the usual suspects in my record collection. Sure, I have always loved Accept and the Scorpions, but in 1987, neither of them were on their ups, so to speak. Accept were on a split with singer Udo Dirkschneider and was looking for a new singer (which ironically has everything to do with this review) and Scorpions took their time recording the follow-up to their huge classic Love At First Sting (1984) – and there was no new bands from Germany that could match them. Until one day when I was listening to Sweden’s then biggest hard rock show on the radio, Rockbox. The DJ, Per Fontander, introduced av new German band called Bonfire and he played the opening track from their then new record Fire Works (1987), “Ready 4 Reaction”. I was stunned – this was bloody awesome. Later he also premiered the song “Champion” and a decision was made. I needed that album. Of course, the record was a killer (and it still holds up very well today) and in Bonfire I found a new German band while waiting for the new albums from Accept and Scorpions, albums that would later leave me underwhelmed.

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