Apocalyptica – Shadowmaker

Apocalyptica - ShadowmakerA long time ago, back in the mid 80’s when yours truly was a teenager, I remember having a discussion about music with two good friends, both guitar players and both with some very strong opinions about the subject, just like me. One of the guys, the one that was my then one of my best friends had the most talent and knowledge, the other a more attitude driven guy with a pretty narrow-minded view on music and not so talented. The less talented guy, let’s call him J, hated all music that wasn’t thrash, speed or heavy metal and he pointed out that there was no way in hell, hard rock could have the use of keyboards and still be called hard rock or metal. The other guy, the talented one, we can call him A, told J that, “dude, you can play heavy metal on violins, if you want. It’s not about the instruments, it’s about arrangements and how you build the music”. J looked at A like he was a complete idiot, told him – in a bit of a rage – to go fuck himself and left.

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