Hardcore Superstar – HCSS

Hardcore Superstar - HCSSI remember back in the mid 90’s, as a hard rock lover things had been going down hill for a while. Everything I loved about music and hard rock / metal had been destroyed by this thing called grunge, a genre that tried its hardest to kill everything that was fun with music. Grunge thought that the world was a shitty place and that the music should mirror that, instead of the other way around. If the world is grey. what you need is fun and smiles and just for a while take the mind off all the crap that’s going on. Grunge reminded us of all things depressive instead. When grunge had had its hey day and had become mainstream, another growth had started to suck the little life that was left from the hard rock scene – nu metal. Nu-metal was even worse and things didn’t look bright at all. All of a sudden this band showed up, a band that looked nothing like the dull grungers or the hip-hoppers that were nu-metal, no these guys looked like rock bands did in the golden ages. I heard people talk about this band and how musically they were more or less back in 1987 and the sleaze scene that went on parallel with the pop-metal scene.

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