FM – Heroes and Villains

FM - Heroes & VillainsBack in the days of the 80’s, when yours truly was more or less obsessed with melodic rock and AOR – for a while there, I was totally convinced that EVERY hard rock and metal band should have a keyboard player and big, catchy choruses… – a band like FM should have been right up my alley. I mean, just look at the name. FM! It doesn’t get more AOR than that. So, in the age of 1986, when my whole world did orbit around bands like Def Leppard, Europe, Bon Jovi and the likes, FM released their, now classic debut album Indiscreet. I became aware of that band when another AOR loving friend of my brother’s brought that album to our house and, of course, I threw myself over that album. But, the fact is, I wasn’t all that impressed. My brother was. And his friend. But not me. It was a good album, sure, but it wasn’t great. And that is something I still feel today about that album. Good, but not great. Fast forward three years and we were writing 1989 in our calendars and at work, a friend of mine, also heavily into melodic rock and AOR at the time, asked me if I had heard of a band named FM. He had just bought their new album Tough It Out and told me it was awesome. Having heard that before and remembering that I wasn’t as impressed with Indiscreet, I was sceptical, but I decided to give it chance.

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8 comments on “FM – Heroes and Villains

    • Hehe. I know. We discussed them in the last FM review I wrote.
      But you should defenitly consider checking this album out. It’s a killer!

      • Yeah, I was acually reading an article about Queensrÿche and I thought of him and the name battle. Well, there’s a new Queensrÿche album being recorded and I guess ole Joffrey will release something soon enough. He’ll probably be back when those reviews are written.

      • Yes perhaps…although I will be as open minded as ever with Joffrey’s new album, since he’s no longer using the Queensryche name. As long as it’s good. I think he will try to make it good. He blew it on the last album when he rushed to get it out in time to beat the other band. This time he can hopefully make sure he makes a good album.

      • Yes, me too. I would have given Freq. Unknown a higher rating if he had released it as a solo album. As a QR album inte didn’t hold up. It wasn’t a crap album, but it was a bad QR album.

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