Dan Reed – Transmission

dan_reed-transmissionIsn’t it strange how some artists just suddenly disappears, just like they have vanished into thin air, just to reappear after years on hiatus, popping up like the man in the box and all of a sudden they’re everywhere all the time? Dan Reed is such an artist. Dan Reed was heading for stardom with his band Dan Reed Network in the late eighties and we were many who thought that they were the next big thing. Their funk ridden melodic hard rock had a broad aim, they were pop and funk enough for the mainstream audience that didn’t have hard rock as their favourite music and they were rough enough with big guitars and heavy drumming for the rock audience. But despite releasing three killer albums and getting the support slot on tours with huge names such as Bon Jovi and The Rolling Stones, the Network never took off at all – it’s one of music’s biggest mysteries, in my opinion. Dan Reed Network SHOULD have been huge – it’s crazy that more people didn’t get them.

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