Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock – Spirit on a Mission

alb92476Since ole Mikey Schenker sobered up and realised that he still have a career in music, the old gunslinger has shown a very creative side of himself. After his years under the McAuley-Schenker moniker, he did release a lot of music and toured, but in all honesty, most of his records were unfocused and even schizophrenic and much too often of poor quality. Sure, he did try to reform with UFO for some years and records, but the result and interest from fans was underwhelming and his solo stuff didn’t make anyone happy. For a guy who has released classic rock music with bands such as Scorpions and UFO – and not to mention his work with his own band MSG – the Michael Schenker Group, many years of late has looked like a complete waste and the guitarist – often in a haze of drugs and alcohol – has made some really bad decisions, decisions that with some bad luck, could have ended his career totally.

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