The Poodles – Devil in the Details

the_poodles_-_devil_in_the_detailsI remember when The Poodles broke through in Sweden. The band had a big hit with their Eurovision Song Contest song “Night Of Passion” (co-written by Matti Alfonzetti of Impera and Skintrade fame). Because of that hit, their debut album Metal Will Stand Tall (2006), an uneven effort that didn’t contain much metal at all – we’re talking melodic hard rock here – became a pretty big success. Still, I know that I wasn’t the only one that gave the band two or three albums tops before they had to, what we thought, split up due to fading interest from the fans. There was also a whole lot of people in the hard rock community that laughed at the band, much to the fact that they had chosen one hell of a stupid name. Now, The Poodles has released album number six, they still have hits and they tour regularly and the band is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with and is now more or less a Swedish institution, so man, were we wrong.

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