Gun – Frantic

GUN - FranticMuch has happened in the Gun camp since they released their masterpiece Taking On The World in 1989 and were hailed as the next big (Scottish) thing. That album spawned no less than five big hit singles and the future looked very bright for the band. But when the very underrated Gallus saw the light of day back in 1992, the band didn’t manage to ride on the success of the predecessor. Not that the album was a big failure, but it didn’t put the band on the next level and when they released their third album, the amazing Swagger, we wrote 1994 in our calendars and grunge and alternative rock had taken over and even though Gun never was a glam, sleaze or AOR band, they were looked upon as a melodic hard rock band and the winds just didn’t blow that way back then. They gave it a try one final time, changing the name to G.U.N. and made some kind of dance record called 041 632 6326 in 1997, but the album bombed completely. Which wasn’t a surprise as the album sucked and the Gun fans that were still behind them didn’t dig their new style.

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