Toto – XIV

Toto XIVWhen people talk about “The band you love to hate” or the other way around, “The band you hate to love”, Nickelback usually comes to mind. Or Sabaton. Or Volbeat. Or, if you’re Swedish, Takida. Please! Those guys have nothing to complain about. Also, bands like Winger, Warrant and Poison has been force-fed a lot of crap during the years. Sure, those guys haven’t had an easy life in that department, but no band comes close to Toto when it comes to being crapped on, spat on and hated. For some reason, everybody and their mother seems to hate this band and especially the music press and critics. Why that is, I’m not sure, but probably because they are world-class musicians, has had shitloads of hits and sold millions and millions of records. And they write commercial and radio friendly songs! My, my, my! The fact that the boys has been working as studio musicians is something that isn’t looked easy upon, when it comes to pretentious music critics. One thing they (the critics, that is) loves to point out is how soulless and completely without feel and emotion the Toto guys are. Because, you do know that if you’re a great musician and really knows how to handle your instrument (and voice), you’re all about technique. Great musicians can not play with feel. That’s the rule. But hey, if you’re a useless shithead that can’t hold a tune to save your life, if you don’t even know how to tune your guitar, if you only know two chords that you can play if you really try hard, then you’re an artist and you convey your message with feel and attitude and emotion. What a load of rubbish!

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