Tony Mills – Over My Dead Body

9926141Everybody goes: Who? Yes, Tony Mills is one of those guys in rock that few people know anything about and / or who he is, but if you’re at least a little nerdy, there’s a good chance that you have heard him sing at one point or another. In my book, Tony Mills has always been one of those guys that people really should know about. On the other side, his whereabouts has always been somewhat shadowed, much because of the bands he has been in has never become big acts, despite great musicians and good songs. Also, Mills is one of those singers that you either love or hate. He has a distinct voice, but is on the more falsetto and high-pitched side (think Mark Slaughter, Michael Sweet, Tony Harnell, Mike Matijevic). It works for some, but many find that kind of voice annoying. Tony Mills started his career fronting British AOR rockers Shy, a band whose three first albums Once Bitten, Twice Shy (1983), Brave The Storm (1985) and especially their finest hour (45 minutes…) Excess All Areas (1987) are classics today. The latter really should have broken that band big in 1987, but sometimes things just don’t work logically. Shy’s career more or less died when their record company took them to California in 1989 to record Misspent Youth and they hired top producer Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, Mötley Crüe) who didn’t give a rat’s ass about the band and the album came out sounding horrible, worse than a bad demo.

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