Kid Rock – First Kiss

Kid Rock - First KissI remember the first time I heard of Kid Rock and how much I hated his guts. It was the year 2000 and I saw the video for his tune “American Bad Ass” from his fifth album The History Of Rock from the same year. Looking like a big douche, (that’s what I thought, yes) he was rapping and shouting over a sample of Metallica’s “Sad But True” and I couldn’t have hated that song more. Kid Rock’s that is, not Metallica’s. One thing that has always got on my tits about hip-hop is the artists inability to actually play their own instruments and instead they just sample stuff they like and then rap over it. That’s not creative, that’s theft. As a rocker, that’s one thing I can always use during arguments: “Well, rockers do play their own instruments and they usually do it well”. To me, Kid Rock was just one of those hip-hop artists without any musical talent, just talking over sampled music that was written, arranged and played by real musicians. I never gave Kid Rock the time of day after that. Another thing that bugged me with Kid Rock was that I was never friends with the whole nu-metal environment, the metal mixed with hip-hop is a match made in the loo as far as I’m concerned. Rage Against The Machine started that anomaly once upon the 90’s and I have never liked them. Kid Rock wasn’t that far behind so I blamed him as well.

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