Scorpions – Return to Forever

Scorpions - Return To ForeverBack in 2010 when German veteran rockers Scorpions had just released their then newest album, Sting In The Tail, guitar player Rudolf Schenker revealed that said album was to be their last and the band would dissolve after the long tour that was about to follow the album’s release. The reason for the decision, he said, was that him and lead singer Klaus Meine had well passed the fine age of 60 (something) and that lead guitarist Matthias Jabs was getting there as well and that the tour would probably go on for a couple of years which meant that Meine and Schenker would have turned almost 70 by the time of the release of the next album and then they would be too old for another album – tour thingy. But it only took them one year to release Come Black, an album of re-recorded Scorps classics mixed with a bunch of covers and Schenker’s talk of last album and tour turned out to be wrong already by then. Me and many more wondered what the hell he was talking about, I mean, too old to rock? To be in your late 60’s and play rock ‘n’ roll in 2015 is no biggie, lots of bands are proof of that.

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