Europe – War of Kings

3folderStill to this day, when you mention the name Europe in certain circles, you get a smirk and a look that says “lame”. Some people actually says it out loud – that Europe is a weak and ridiculous pop band for teenage girls and children. The words “pop metal”, “poodle rock” and “no relevance” has been used. Ok, it doesn’t happen very often these days, but it does happen and it kinda shows how hard it is to wipe off an old reputation. Which in Europe’s case is not deserved! But when it does, I’m wondering, has the fact that Europe has reunited more than 10 years ago completely skipped those people’s minds? Or do they know that Europe are still around, but just assumes that they still play their AOR smelling rock of the 80’s and therefore hasn’t bothered to listen? I don’t know, but the fact is, Europe has since the reunion in 2003 turned into a completely different beast than they were in the 80’s. And just to make one thing clear, Europe has NEVER been a pop band, they have ALWAYS had the 70’s hard rock as a guide line when it comes to song writing, sonically they were just a sign of the times (sic!) back in the 80’s, using catchy AOR influenced melodies and producers that cut off the roughest edges off the music.

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