Reach – Reach Out to Rock

Reach - Reach Out To RockSweden has, since the mid 80’s delivered hard rock in all of its forms with the highest quality. Sure, no genre has been created in Sweden and yes, there hasn’t been any Swedish acts that has re-started any new trend. But! We have always had extremely talented musicians and song writers in this country and a huge passion for the music that has been played. Not only in rock music, I might add. Singers, musicians and song writers from this country has always stood high in course, no matter the genre. Except for two (three, depending how you count) exceptions. Death Metal is one. In the 90’s, Sweden – and our second biggest city Gothenburg in particular – was way ahead of the rest of the world and there is actually a brand of death metal called The Gothenburg Sound. Bands from all over the world wanted to be part of that and it put Sweden on the map in those circles. The other is, what some people call TNWOSGAS – The New Wave Of Swedish Glam And Sleaze. In the early 2000’s bands such as Crashdïet, Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar, Babylon Bombs, Sister Sin and Dynazty were all over the place, in a time when nobody gave a shit and most people had one foot in the now (thank God) dying nu-metal genre.

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