H.E.A.T. – Live in London

HEAT1Once upon a time, live albums were the coolest thing I knew. That was before I realised that bands went in the studio and overdubbed stuff after the show was recorded. Hell, I didn’t even know that bands overdubbed studio records when I was a kid. I though the just went into the studio, played the songs back to back and viola – album done. Overdubs? Mixing? Mastering? Nono, you just played and pushed rec and play at the same time. But even to this day, I don’t care if they redo stuff afterwards as long as it sounds live. If I’m down with the live experience, the band has done their job, as far as I’m concerned. And I don’t want to hear a string break, off-key backing vocals and a drummer missing a beat when I’m listening to a live record at home. Go ahead and fix it, I don’t mind. Oh, well, a live album – Kiss’ Alive (1975) – was one of my first rock experiences in my life, so I guess I set the standard there. Since then I couldn’t wait to hear the live versions of my favourite bands’ songs. I longed so much for Kiss Alive II (1977) to come out when I was a kid that my stomach hurt. Needless to say, I love those two Kiss live albums dearly. Fact is, if I have to pick one album that I consider the best album ever made, it has to be Kiss Alive! For a while I, all I wanted was to listen to live albums and there has been a whole bunch of them that I hold very dear.

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