Bumblefoot – Little Brother is Watching

Bumblefoot - Little Brother Is WatchingWhat is it with Axl Rose and guitar players with weird names? I mean, first he hired a dude with a mask and KFC (that’s Kentucky Fried Chicken, peeps….) bucket on his head, hence his name Buckethead. Then the KFC dude didn’t want to play with ole Axe anymore so Axe hired this dude named Bumblefoot. Wow! The name Bumblefoot is not even close to being as weird as Buckethead, but weird it sure is. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to bother with this album at all, because being the lone reviewer on this site and lots of bands got the idea that releasing albums in January and February was a really awesome idea and all this takes a lot of time, not just to write the reviews but also listen to the albums carefully so that they’re given a fair shot. But this agent dude sent me this link and would I want to review this guy Bumblefoot’s album?

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